Top 5 Features to Consider When Choosing the Right Head Unit for Your Car

The head unit is where your music comes from. Its quality affects how clear and rich the sound is. Even if you don’t have extra amplifiers, the head unit’s power can make speakers sound better, with less noise and clearer sound, even when loud.

What is Head Unit

A head unit, often considered the centrepiece of a car’s audio system, is the primary control device mounted in the dashboard.

Head Unit can serve multiple functions such as:

  • Acts as the source of audio content (from radio, CDs, smartphones, or other devices)
  • Allows the user to control what is played through the car’s speakers.
  • Include features such as navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and hands-free calling.
  • The head unit is the interface through which drivers and passengers manage the vehicle’s audio and entertainment systems.

Key Features to Look for in a Head Unit

Including these features in a head unit makes your car’s stereo system flexible and user-friendly. It improves your drive by making it easy to listen to your own music, podcasts, and audiobooks, and to use your phone hands-free. This makes trips more fun and safer.

Connectivity Options

For a better driving experience, Smartphone features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make driving safer and more fun by connecting your phone to the car’s screen.

  • Safety First
    These systems let you do things like make calls, send messages, and get directions without taking your hands off the wheel. Their easy designs help you focus on driving.
  • Easy Access to Your Favourite Apps
    You can use maps for directions, listen to music, and enjoy audiobooks or podcasts right from the car’s screen, without touching your phone.
  • Stay Updated on the Road
    Get the latest traffic updates and quickest routes with apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps, which are often better than the car’s built-in navigation.
  • Voice Commands
    Use Siri (for Apple CarPlay) or Google Assistant (for Android Auto) to control things by just speaking. This way, you don’t need to distract yourself with screens or buttons.
  • Clear Sound for Calls and Music
    These systems use the car’s speakers and microphone for better sound quality during calls and music listening.
  • Always Getting Better
    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto get updates, adding new features and apps over time without needing new hardware in your car.

Sound Quality and Equaliser Settings

The head unit is crucial for good sound in your car’s stereo system. It helps make music sound clearer and lets you adjust the sound just how you like it.

Why Adjustable Sound Settings (EQ) ?

  • Make It Yours
    Everyone likes their music a bit different. With EQ, you can change the sound to match what you love, like more bass or clearer vocals.
  • Match Your Music
    Different songs or styles can sound better with specific sound adjustments. EQ lets you change settings for the best sound, no matter what you’re listening to.
  • Fix Sound Issues
    Cars aren’t built for perfect sound, and speakers aren’t always ideally placed. Using EQ can help fix these issues, making everything sound better.
  • Stay Comfortable
    On long drives, the right sound settings can make listening more enjoyable and less tiring, letting you adjust things to avoid annoying sounds.

Display and User Interface

Choosing a head unit with touchscreen or button controls depends on what you prefer, how you live, and how you use your car’s sound system. Each type has its benefits and downsides for different people and situations. Here’s a simple guide to help you pick:

Touchscreen Controls

Good Points

Easy to use
More features
Bigger screen

Not-So-Good Points

Can distract you
Smudges and glare
More complex and pricey

Button Controls

Good Points

Feel the buttons
Simple and tough

Not-So-Good Points

Fewer features
Small Screen
Harder to navigate

Power Output and Expandability

When picking parts for your car sound system, focus on the RMS power ratings. Make sure the amplifier’s power for each channel is very close to what the speakers can handle.Be careful with products that only show peak power numbers. These can trick you because they don’t tell you how the product performs all the time. For the best sound quality and a reliable system, all parts should match well based on their RMS power ratings.


  • Easy to Mix with What You Have
    When parts match well, adding new features like satellite radio or GPS doesn’t mess up your current setup, like speakers or amplifiers.
  • Keeps Sound Good
    New parts should make your system sound better, not worse. Wrong parts might cause noise or uneven sound.
  • Everything Works Together
    New upgrades should work with your car’s controls, like steering wheel buttons, without losing any handy features.
  • Safe to Use
    Matching parts right means things like your GPS or hands-free calling work smoothly without getting in the way of driving safely.

Why You Might Need Professional Head Unit Installation

Car sound systems have gotten a lot better, with great sound, ways to connect to your devices, and use different apps. But, these improvements can make installing these systems tricky, often needing an expert’s help. It’s important for car owners to know that trying to install these systems themselves can be complicated and might cause problems.

When you try to install car sound systems yourself, you might run into problems like

  • Electrical Issues
    Doing the wiring wrong can cause short circuits or damage to your car’s electrical system, which might be expensive to fix.
  • Warranties Could Be Voided
    If you install something the wrong way, it might cancel your warranties on the car and the sound system. Some companies say you need a professional to do the installation to keep your warranty.
  • Not Great Sound
    If you don’t have the right tools or knowledge, the sound might not be as good as it could be. You could end up with background noise, speakers in the wrong places, or the system not tuned correctly, making music sound off.
  • Damaging Your Car
    You might have to take apart pieces of your car or drill holes to get everything set up. If you’re not careful, you could scratch, dent, or harm your car.
  • Safety Issues
    If audio parts aren’t secured properly, they could be dangerous in an accident. Also, if you mess up installing things that affect your car’s safety, like backup cameras, it could make driving riskier.

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